Original Poems

Original Poems

 These are examples of  free verse poems, they don't follow any "rules"


Can They?

Most people say that the most innocent things can't do any harm, the ittie wittle mosquito, that little shy boy in the corner. Question: Is the boy shy or quiet? Trustworthy, or horrid? Innocent or guilty?  It seems as if the most unexpected things have mouths, so why not flowers?

 Ever sat, trying to write an essay, poem, or letter? You just sit there staring at your paper, maybe you doodle, maybe you daydream. This poem is all about the frustration, yet, put the underlined letters together to spell a message that is cried out by young writers everywhere!



Why is it hard to express myself

to write my feelings on a piece of paper

to tell the world my thoughts!

Why is it that I am constantly sitting here thinking

What now?

Why should I be the one who has to do this? 

To read and reread what I have written and think

That is awful

How may I truly express myself?

Poems are just complicated



Hidden(for now)

This is an example of a haiku poem, count the syllables.

Emotions are always inside of you and many people bottle them up, yet in this poem it says the truth about what happens when you bottle them up for so long. Like a dam ready to burst, this poem says that emotions aren't toys. 

The Powerful Word 

This is an example of a concrete poem.

 It seems as if too many people just can't say "no!"


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