Extra Features

Everyone enjoys something different on all of the extra features page,so I added some variety. I have  a survey, polls, and other fun activities. Enjoy!

How would you rate this site? 

This survey gives me your opinion on my site and what I need to improve or if you just want to keep it simple rate me based upon the stars below. I will recieve all of your results or comments, so don't be shy!

Correct Answer is located at the bottom in the answer section.

Puzzle Time!

Answer key: 

Poll: Testing Your Knowledge: Which Poet's Bedroom overlooked a cemetery? Answer: Emily Dickinson

Puzzle: Poets

Answers: Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Shel Silverstein Final Answer: Poetry

Shel Silverstein

 E.E. Cummings

Catherine Anderson

 Maggie Anderson

Lewis Carroll

 Jim Carroll

Marvin Bell

William Cullen Bryant


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