A Different Type of Thanks

This website did not create itself. It was created and inspired by a group of fabulous believers of poetry. I don't wish to dedicate this website to one person, so I begin like so:

Dedications are a way for people to know that we care

That we're there

 I dedicate this website to Hannah Cordana

the smart friendly girl who encouraged me to express myself

I dedicate this site to Emily Dickinson for inspiring me like no other before

For me she opened the door to an unknown world

Dedicated is this website to all of my inspirations,

Priscilla Orengo (Mommy)

Mr. Gomez (teacher)

Ms. Cuervo ( teacher too)

and all of those other friendly names-Aastha, Karina,  Zeal, Kimberly, 

I dedicate this book to all of those  who seem to be anonymous, but I remember you

like how the dog remembers the bone that has long since been buried

Dedications aren't enough

I thank you for being there,

for not being there,

everything everyone has done to me has made me stronger,

let's me feel like I can live longer,

I've been inspired by those in my Dedication

Don't forget me,

Like I Haven't you


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