The Poetic Minds

The Poetic Minds

Lilah O.                                                                                    HR:330

Group B                                                                                    M.S.#4

          Poems can be found just about anywhere in life and there are so many different forms of poetry. There are concrete poems, free verse poems, your average rhyming poems, and so much more. You will learn about so many different forms of poetry and styles in this website. 

     Poetry is very common because it can bend and mold your mind. It allows you to think deper than appearences and what you can see. I value poetry because it allows me to think  beyond tangable items.

   WARNING: The Poetic Mind is not for the simpleton, it is for the one who is considered "out of this world."

         To enter this site you are taking a vow to allow your mind to reach the worlds beyond. You will experience the sensations and the thrills that no other human has felt until now. You don't believe me? Play around, have some fun, but I am telling you that by the time the day is over there will be no regrets. I will educate you like no other before, so go I urge you to go explore. The rhymes ,the times, it will all be in your head. Have a good time and take something with you that will excite your senses and please your mind.

Who are you more like, Edgar Allen Poe, or William Shakespeare?


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